Why mums make the best CEOs

Why mums make the best CEOs

If you’ve ever seen a job advert for a CEO, the skills and experience required can bear a remarkable resemblance to what us mums do on a daily basis. 

Think about it…they both provide their own challenges, they both set high expectations for themselves and others, and they both help individuals learn to act and think independently, while still holding them accountable.

Here are 8 reasons why mums make the best CEOs…

  1. Excellent time management

Running my own business and having my son means I have to manage my time efficiently. I don’t work Fridays to ensure I get some quality time, just me and him. That means I have to make sure I fit all my work in around that. My son always comes first, so if he’s ill, I’ll schedule calls and work around his nap time or whenever I get a chance. If I have to pick him up from nursery, I know I have to leave the house at a particular time, so I have to wrap things up at work on time. Working for myself means I can manage my own time without having to answer to anyone else. Although, it’s sometimes a challenge to keep both my clients and son happy. 

  1. Organisational skills

When it comes to organisation, it’s in our nature as mums. We organise our own household – organising meals for the week, making plans for the weekend, knowing what our little ones need to take with them to school or nursery – it’s just what we do. If I’m honest, I actually quite enjoy the control. I’m a massive fan of Trello and making lists – for both work and personal!

  1. Multi-tasking

Just as the best CEOs have to juggle a demanding workload, mums have to juggle a lot too. Bringing up a child is a tough job in itself, but when a mum also has a day job while keeping their house in order – cooking, tidying, cleaning – that kind of multi-tasking is to be admired. And when it comes to keeping an eye on your little one at soft play while catching up over a coffee with a friend, mums take the multi-tasking crown EVERY TIME.

  1. Stakeholder management

A good CEO acknowledges the needs of different people and helps them thrive. That’s basically motherhood in a nutshell! You’re keeping a little human alive and helping them grow! You also have to be an expert in conflict management too, especially if you have multiple children. 

  1. Natural born leaders

Being a mum is one of the most basic forms of leadership. Obviously, you can’t fire your kids when they do wrong (even though you might REALLY want to sometimes), but you can have a positive influence on them and be the fantastic role model you are. You teach them the difference between right and wrong and discipline them when necessary.

  1. Sympathetic

A real top-notch CEO is sympathetic and shows empathy towards employees and clients. Likewise, we have to put on our best sad face when our little one has a meltdown because they dropped their ice cream on the pavement, or when they tell you so-and-so isn’t their best friend anymore because they ate their last bit of apple at snack time. 

  1. Passionate

I’m passionate about being a great mum and giving my son the best possible future, which is why I listened to my heart and left the corporate world to set up on my own and help other small businesses grow – another passion of mine. I want to set him a good example and show him that you can achieve anything when you set your mind to it. 

  1. Ability to think strategically while being hands on! 

When your little one is having a meltdown in the supermarket, you have to think on your feet – whether that’s bribery, compromise or whatever works for you. I constantly have lots of thoughts buzzing around my head – what’s for dinner, what we’ll do at the weekend, when am I going to fit in a trip to the gym this week – and that’s just in my role as a mum. Our minds are always working overtime and yet we never miss a beat.  

If you’re thinking about starting your own business or taking it to the next level, you’re already a great candidate. Get in touch to see how I can help. 


Hi, I'm Claire. I'm a digital marketing expert, Mum to a boisterous preschooler and your new business bestie. I left the corporate world to help female start-ups and small businesses launch and grow in a way that’s affordable and accessible. In less than a year, I created a successful business that gave me the flexibility I had been craving for years, and I can help you do the same.