How to create an unstoppable marketing mindset

How to create an unstoppable marketing mindset

Marketing yourself is one of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur and business owner. But, what most people don’t know is that your marketing won’t go anywhere if you don’t have the right mindset. 


Because you will get in your own way!

Trust me, as someone with over 15 years in marketing, I can tell you this from experience. 

For years, I had dreamed of running my own business and working for myself, but I was too afraid to put myself out there. Once I got over that barrier, even more fear and negative thinking came up, time and time again.  I feared posting my own content, launching a new product, sharing client work and client wins…the list goes on. I had so much to share and lots of exciting ideas, but I would be paralysed by overthinking. 

Truth is, since starting my business 2 years ago, I have had a love/hate relationship with social media and I’m sure this is something a lot of you can relate to.  Social media is the reason I run a successful business and signed my first clients, but it’s also the reason I can often find myself feeling totally drained.

I have found this a common theme with a lot of my 1:1 clients and have realised that having the right mindset is just as important as having the right marketing tools. So what’s stopping us from having an unstoppable marketing mindset?

Here are the themes that come up all the time:

  • Content planning overwhelm
  • Comparison trap
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Fear of being judged
  • Not enough time

Let’s delve into these…

Content planning overwhelm

I just don’t know what to post and when to post. I’ve got so many ideas and not enough time.” 

Have you felt this? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Luckily, this is an easy one to fix. 

The overwhelm usually comes when we have no systems in place. We don’t have clear guidelines on what we should be posting and why, so it all feels difficult and confusing. 

In reality, a simple content strategy and plan is all you need for this one Sign up for my new content course to nail this

Comparison trap

Comparison is innate human nature, but social media makes it more constant. Social media (Instagram especially) is a highlight reel. Yes, people post often, but it’s usually a polished version of themselves that they want the world to see. That makes it easy to scroll online and see people doing better and being more successful, and as a result, we feel worse about our lives and business. 

In reality, there are endless versions of success and we’re all out here doing our best, however, we can. 

Imposter syndrome

This is all too common for us women, we don’t feel like we have enough experience to hold the positions that we do. This stops us showing up and sharing what we know, as we don’t realise our own value. 

Social media adds fuel to this when we see people who appear to have more experience and more success than us. 

It’s not true. You’re capable, talented and amazing at what you do!

Fear of being judged

This is a big one and something I see often in new entrepreneurs who’ve come from a corporate background. Starting your own business is a huge leap of faith and it can feel daunting shouting about it to the world. What if your old colleagues or boss sees you talking on stories about your new business venture? What if your friends think you’re cringe?

These are all really common fears that usually result in:

  • Perfectionism and overthinking which leads to you taking no action at all. 
  • Not showing up, not talking about your business and therefore not being visible and getting the success you want. 

Bottom line, people are going to judge you. But remember, that’s on them not you! 

Your dream clients and network will only connect with your message. So go do your thing 💗

Not enough time

We’re all busy people. As business owners there are endless things to do and we often find ourselves wearing all the hats (marketing, admin assistant, accountant, graphic designer, finance manager etc).

It can feel like we don’t have time for social media, especially if we plan to create new content, show up on stories, write engaging captions and keep up with all the trends and updates (the list goes on.). It can feel overwhelming and impossible. 

But your social media doesn’t need to be perfection. You can take small, tiny actions each day to market yourself and your business. Only have 10 minutes per day? Okay, let’s be intentional with that time and use it to connect with dream clients or share value on your stories. 

How can we create an unstoppable mindset?

Luckily, we can create an unstoppable mindset which makes marketing ourselves so much easier, more impactful and more fun. 

I’ve teamed up with my best friend, who just happens to be an awesome life coach (who has coached me pretty much my whole life tbh) to provide some much-needed advice on how we can feel good online!

How to create an unstoppable mindset

by Miriam Greaves, Life & Business Coach

Miriam Greaves, Life Coach

A strong mindset is a trait shared by the world’s most successful people, from CEO’s of multi-million-pound industries to high-performing professional athletes. When it comes to business, your mental outlook is the difference between achieving your goals and not. So, if you’re aiming for the top, then it all starts with your mindset. Here are my top 5 tips to get from limited to limitless:

1. Challenge your limiting beliefs   

First things first…. everyone has limiting beliefs and, boy, do they show up a lot around social media! Limiting beliefs are ideas we hold about ourselves and the world that prevent us from doing things or becoming the best version of ourselves. Overcoming limiting beliefs isn’t always easy. The good news is that you can turn your limiting beliefs into limitless beliefs – find out more here.

2. Take action

You have to take the action of someone that believes it or not because that will create new evidence to support the new belief. For example, you won’t feel confident until you do something confidently. You won’t feel courageous until you do something that requires courage. In order for the new belief to sink in, you’re going to have to behave differently and create the new evidence so that, over time, as you keep seeing the new evidence, this new belief will become you. Your reality will change.

3. Don’t overthink it

Remember, social media isn’t rocket science or a foreign language. When you strip it back, you’re simply speaking to your customers and your ideal clients. If you were put in a room with them to talk about your business, you’d know exactly what to say. Social media is no different. It’s just another way to communicate your message. When you come to approach social media and the noisy, overthinking brain takes over, remember to come back to this mindset and strip it all back and visualise who you’re communicating with and why. Getting clear about your ideal client is key. Gaining this clarity gives your social media mindset a strong focus.

4. Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

The concept of fixed vs growth mindset has played a huge part in the growth of my businesses. In her book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”, Carol S. Dweck explains that the world is divided into two types of people: those with a fixed mindset and those with a growth mindset. Those with a fixed mindset believe that everyone is born with a certain level of intelligence and skills that cannot be changed. They are afraid to make mistakes and see failure as a setback. On the other side of the spectrum, those with a growth mindset believe that people can change, gain new skills and improve themselves. Instead of failures they see challenges. They constantly stretch themselves to learn something new and improve themselves. The only failure they recognize is not growing or fulfilling their potential. 

So, which do you align with and why does this matter when it comes to social media? For many of us, a fixed mindset can show up when navigating social media. We tell ourselves it’s too hard, we’re ‘failing’ at it’ etc. But making mistakes, learning new ways of doing things, posting and getting a poor response, is always an opportunity to grow and learn. If you approach social media with this growth mindset, not only will your abilities develop quicker, but you’ll also find more enjoyment and less stress in the process.  

5. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable

Which zone are you currently in when it comes to social media? If you’re currently sitting in the comfort zone then this isn’t the place to reach your goals (and your massive potential!). It’s time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable because on the other side of that is success! When you try new things to help your business thrive you move from the fear zone and into the learning zone, and eventually into the growth zone. YES! The sweet spot!

Don’t let your limiting beliefs stop you from achieving your goals! Download Miriam’s FREE Limiting to Limitless worksheet and start standing in your power with an unstoppable mindset to take you place. 


Hi, I'm Claire. I'm a digital marketing expert, Mum to a boisterous preschooler and your new business bestie. I left the corporate world to help female start-ups and small businesses launch and grow in a way that’s affordable and accessible. In less than a year, I created a successful business that gave me the flexibility I had been craving for years, and I can help you do the same.

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