How to get more conversions through your content marketing

How to get more conversions through your content marketing

If you’re looking for the most authentic way to get more of your ideal clients, content marketing is for you.

With a little bit of time and effort (and a good plan of action), you can create content that’s valuable for your ideal clients, proving that you are the expert at what you do.

Firstly, what is content marketing?

Content marketing is a form of digital marketing that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content with the objective of driving sales or leads (usually with a call to action like an opt-in form). 

This type of content is often found in blogs or websites but can also include emails, social media posts and anywhere else you can share your message. In essence: content entices people and enables you to position yourself as an expert; it allows your audience to become familiar with you which leads them down the path towards becoming a client!

Here are my top 9 tips for getting more conversions through content marketing

  1. Identify your ideal clients

The first step in creating content that converts is to identify your ideal client.

Who are they? How old are they? What do they look like? Where do they live? What does their lifestyle look like? How much money do they make and how much time do they spend on social media each day (or week)? Are they married or single? Do they have children or pets? What are their interests and hobbies–and how do those mesh with what you offer as a business owner or service provider? 

  1. Identify how you can solve their problems

What do they struggle with? What keeps them up at night? What would make their lives easier or just a bit better? (We call these their pain points!)

Once you have that information, it’s time to figure out what kind of content would be most helpful for them in order for them to achieve their goals or solve a problem. For example: Maybe one of your ideal clients is an entrepreneur who wants to grow his/her business but doesn’t know where or how too start; this person could benefit from reading articles or tips about growing small businesses with limited resources (like time).

  1. Actually, ask your audience what they want

Don’t be afraid to actually ask them what they want from you. You can do this by asking them directly or observing their behavior on social media, in comments and forums. The more information you have about who they are and what they’re interested in, the better equipped you will be to create content that resonates with them.

  1. Use the right tone of voice

This helps you to connect with your audience. Use a conversational tone and unique voice that speaks to your audience in the way they want to be spoken to, whether it’s through humor or something else. Try and cut out the corporate spiel and jargon that will alienate people. Make people feel like they’re not alone and that you understand the problem and will show them how to fix it.

  1. Give away as much value as possible

You’re a fountain of knowledge and experience and what you might think is obvious (because you live and breathe it) isn’t necessarily obvious to your ideal clients. I can’t stress enough how important this is AND to keep it simple. 

For example, I create a post a while back all about the technical side of SEO; I spent ages on it and had very little engagement on it. Wanna know why? It was too in-depth. Someone actually messaged me to ask what SEO was – see strip it back! 

Share, share and share. 

  1. Start with your long-form content

Longer-form content (like blogs) are fab for SEO purposes because it gives search engines more information about what your business does, making it easier for them to find you in search results.

Once you have an idea of the valuable piece of content i.e tips about growing small businesses with zero spare time, get all of your ideas written down. Get as much down on paper as possible. Include your intro, your experience with this topic, your tips and how they can work with and post this on your website. 

  1. Repurpose and share your value on social media

This is the part that is a bit of a game-changer. So, you have this amazing blog article, now you can post this multiple different pieces of content across social media. You can create carousels, quotes, reels and on Facebook and LinkedIn you can share the link to the article. 

This is not only a time-saver, it also reinforces your message and makes you look consistent and like an expert!

If you don’t have a blog up yet, don’t worry. You can still position yourself as an expert by sharing lots of valuable content via social media. 

Here are examples of where this is done really well using Instagram:

  1. Always include a call to action

Asking your audience to take action after reading the content will help them remember what they read and increase their chances of converting into customers down the line. This can be as simple as asking them questions like “What did you think?” or “Have any questions?” 

Or can be more directly linked to conversions with call to actions like “download now” “sign up today”, “book a call” etc.

Just make sure that the call to action relates to the content and leads in nicely as you don’t want your audience to be put off by you seeming too salesy (that’s just in my opinion anyway!)

Not using a call to action is a missed conversion opportunity and is something that is so easy to add to all of your content.

  1. Be consistent and timely

Consistency and timeliness are two of the most important factors when it comes to content marketing. If you’re not consistent, people won’t be able to find your content or trust that it will be there when they need it. And if you aren’t timely, then your audience might not see the value in what you’re offering them–or worse yet, think that what they have is good enough already!

Post regularly on social media (3-5 times a day) and create new blog posts at regular intervals–once every couple of weeks should do the trick!

Make sure that whatever subject matter or industry trends are hot right now are reflected in what type of content gets posted too. 

Consider posting blogs about topics related to current events or the time of year so that readers can stay up-to-date and your content is going to be seen as more useful and actionable. 

If you’re looking for a way to reach more of your ideal clients, I highly recommend you look at your content marketing. It’s a great way to build your brand and establish yourself as an expert in your field. It’s the most effective way to reach potential customers and convert them into paying clients.

If you’re looking to really nail your content strategy this year, register for my brand new content course, Content Rockstar.


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