Personal Branding Magic

The ultimate personal branding package to attract your dream clients with ease.

Unlock the power of your personal brand

Are you struggling to work with clients who align with your values? Deep down, do you know that you are a total badass but feel like no one knows who you really are? Do you have a problem writing social media content or even showing up on social media?

This is all too common for women in business as we struggle to balance being professional but true to ourselves at the same time. With the boundaries between business and personal brand now becoming blurred in small businesses, it’s important that your brand truly represents you. Time to unlock the power of your personal brand.


Time to get excited about...

Creating a brand that totally aligns with you and your values

Owning beautiful brand assets that you feel proud to use

Showing up on social media with confidence and clarity

having a visual identity that really set you apart from your competition

Becoming a magnet for your ideal customers

I'm Claire,

In case we haven't met yet, I'm an ex-corporate marketing girl turned freelancer/business owner. After working for over 15+ years for other people, I decided to leave the corporate world and chase the dream to work for myself.

I now run a successful marketing business and have that flexible lifestyle that I only used to dream about. (Helpful when you have a toddler at nursery, right?!)

Within 6 months of launching, I had replaced my corporate salary and was working with my ideal clients. 

I genuinely believe that one of the reasons I was able to do this was by creating my personal brand.

I'm now able to talk authentically and with authority to my dream audience and clients meaning the other parts of running a business fall into place much easier.

You are unique and you are your brand and in the time we'll work together, we'll create a brand so right for you that you no longer feel like you're competing with anyone else.

Ok, so what makes up your personal brand?


1. Your Why

This is where everything begins. Your why is your reason for doing what you do. It’s what motivates you and is your guiding principle when the going gets tough. From your why we can create your brand vision, mission and delve into the lives of those you’re going to impact.


2. Personality

What do you want to be known for and how do you want to communicate with your ideal clients? Your brand personality is your tone of voice and your values. This is how we start connecting with those clients.


3. Identity

This is the visual part - your logo, colour palette, typography and image style - your visual glue. We will create a suite of brand assets that help you to show up with confidence. Get your Pinterst board at the ready!

Personal Branding Magic

In 6 weeks, you will have the ultimate branding package to start attracting your dream clients with ease.


Briefing documents

90-minute strategy session

2 x 45 minute follow up calls

Brand board

Full brand proposition including vision, mission, values

Comprehensive brand guidelines document

3 x logo designs

Colour palette

Font pairings

6 x social media templates

Image library (5 x stock images)


(Payment plans available)


3 X Zoom Calls

We catch up over Zoom so that I can check in with you through the process.

Slack Support

Continued chat support Mon-Thurs for 30 days after launch.


Content planning template, personalised Canva templates...and more.

Investment Options

Pay in 1

£2,000 One-off

Pay in 2

£1,000 per month

Pay in 4

£500 per month

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