Ready To Launch

The all-in-one, done-for-you marketing package so that you can launch your business with confidence.

From overwhelmed to total boss babe.

I see you. You're excited / slightly terrified about launching your amazing business but don't know where to start. You know it needs to look good, but you're not a designer, and you know you need a website, but where to begin with that? So many options - WordPress, Square Space, Wix, Showit - eek. And then there's the big, fat elephant in the room - how do you go about finding clients?!

Ok, it's really not as scary as it seems. There is a process and I have already mapped that out for you...


Time to get excited about...

Imagine this...

Creating a personal brand that totally aligns with you and your values and will be a magnet for your dream customers

Packaging up your skills so they become desirable services for your audience to buy

Building an online presence and establishing your very own piece of the internet (otherwise known as your awesome website)

Confidently launching your business with a brilliant marketing strategy that feels good for you and your business

Having support and accountability throughout the whole launch process with someone who has been there before (that's me!)

I'm Claire.

In case we haven't met yet, I'm an ex-corporate marketing girl turned freelancer/business owner. After working for over 15+ years for other people, I decided to leave the corporate world and chase the dream to work for myself.

I now run a successful marketing business and have that flexible lifestyle that I only used to dream about. (Helpful when you have a toddler at nursery, right?!)

Within 6 months of launching, I had replaced my corporate salary and was working with my ideal clients. 

I have been where you are and know it seems scary but trust me when I say, I wish I'd done this sooner.

I have tailored the process that I went through and created an all-in-one, pretty much done-for-you package, so that you can launch your business with confidence.

I feel like this is what I was meant to do. I can now channel all of my marketing experience into helping YOU.


Ok, so what do you need to launch successfully?


1. Branding

This is the foundation, the building blocks, where everything begins. You have to get this right - and consistent - in order for your to speak to your ideal clients and to bring them into your universe. Oh, and it's more than just a logo!


2. Website

I don't care what anyone says, you need a website if you want your audience to trust you and take you seriously. This is your chance to really show what you can do and to start to nurture your audience, converting them into paying customers.


3. Marketing

There's no point in having an amazing brand and shiny new website if no one knows about you! Your marketing strategy needs to be tailored to your ideal clients so they know how to find you and start working with you.

Ready To Launch

The all-in-one, done-for-you package so that you can launch your business with confidence.

In 12 weeks, we will have your branding nailed, packages sorted, templates designed, a website built, and marketing & content strategy ready to go for launch.


Claire Moorhead


6 X 90 Minute Calls

We catch up fortnightly over Zoom so that I can mentor you through the process.

Slack Support

Continued chat support Mon-Thurs for 90 days post-launch.


Content planning template, tailored marketing funnel, email templates and personalised Canva templates...and more.

Investment Options

Pay in 1

£2,995 One-off

Pay in 3

£1,020 per month

Pay in 6

£525 per month

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